Career Growth

At Trinity Rehab, a career grows and expands by exploring all aspects of care. The following opportunities exist with us:

  • Clinical Care: Expertise in Clinical Care grows from team interactions, program development, knowledge proficiency, and experience. At Trinity Rehab, opportunities exist to grow as a Program Manager, Subject Matter Expert, and Clinical Specialist
  • Clinical Support: Supporting what happens in the clinical setting is paramount to our success. Learning to support our clinicians to be the best and provide the best is a great way to be your best. At Trinity Rehab, opportunities exist to grow as a Regional Manager¬†and a National Contributor
  • Clinical Outcomes: Clinical Outcomes drive quality and efficiency and ultimately profit. To provide the best and be the best our results must be continuously monitored, reported, and improved. Responsibility for good clinical outcomes is part of our Trinity Rehab culture and every employee shares in this responsibility. Career opportunities exist at Trinity Rehab that focus on developing excellence in all aspects of the services we provide
  • National Growth: We encourage professional involvement in our associations as a place for networking and contributing to the direction of rehabilitation on a national level