TRS Culture and Conduct

April 22, 2022
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At Trinity Rehab Services, we know our success as a company is based on our employees’ success in their day-to-day environment.  Trinity Rehab Services’ foundation is built on employee ideas, suggestions, and feedback to create and further develop our company and its’ resources to provide positive outcomes for our patients, our partners, and our colleagues.

Trinity Rehab Services further believes as professionals we follow a certain set of principles to ensure the provision of quality care, to improve the lives of those we are fortunate to serve, and to empower our colleagues and partners.

  1. We promote and employ understanding and compassion
  2. We use knowledge from our experiences to grow and avoid previous errors
  3. We mentor one another and perform our professional duties in a conscientious manner
  4. We provide ideas, suggestions, and feedback to improve Trinity Rehab Services’
  5. We commit ourselves to advancing our knowledge through continuing education and quality improvement
  6. We perform the tasks of our job in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner
  7. We maintain our objectivity and avoid allowing our personal issues to impact our work
  8. We ensure a cooperative work environment through timely and empathetic communication and collaboration with our colleagues, our patients, and their families
  9. We treat our patients in a fiscally responsible way
  10. We represent our company, our partners, and our patients in a positive way

Trinity Rehab Services expects adherence to these principles and ideals to further our belief that to be the best, you must provide the best and work with the best.