Trinity rehab services

About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Trinity Rehab Services is to achieve the highest level of independence for each patient through an outcome-focused and evidence-based approach.

What We Do

Trinity Rehab Services is a full solution provider of contract Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services in post-acute care settings.
We are fiscally responsible to our patients, customers, and employees while embracing change and welcoming challenges.
We are committed to developing the potential of each employee through education, support, and respect.
These beliefs and practices allow us to be the best, provide the best, and work with the best.

Your Success Is Our Success

With this philosophy, we build strong, reliable partnerships with an emphasis on patient care, fiscal responsibility, and growth within the post-acute industry. Trinity Rehab Services has a reputation among its partners of exceeding  expectations through programming, marketing, and education of our employees and our partners' employees.
We are committed to staying focused on what is important - our customers, our employees, and the patients whom we are privileged to serve. We are a small company that knows how to use processes to improve our care. We are innovative.
The key to our success, and what sets Trinity Rehab Services apart is the personal touch we bring to your facilities.
With Trinity Rehab Services, "you're not getting a contract rehab company, you're gaining a partnership".
Trinity Rehab Services is therapist owned and operated and was founded on the belief that the success of our partners, is our success.

Our Values

Our values define who we are. They influence the way we work with each other, and the way we serve our customers, our employees and our patients.


We are honest, ethical, and responsible in all aspects of our business. Our employees, customers, and the residents we serve trust us to adhere to this core value.


We value and recognize our customers, clinicians, managers, discipline specific specialists, residents, family and community for their unique skills and treat them with kindness and humility. We understand the value of a team is the sum of its individual members.


Communication is at the heart of our business. We listen, observe, improve, and move forward; continuously shaping our business to uniquely provide our best to the people we are privileged to serve.


Together, we are our best asset. Working together to support each other is how we become the best and provide the best throughout the continuum of care.

The Trinity Advantage

What sets us apart.


What sets us apart is our Clinical Care Model which dynamically joins together clinical support processes, clinical care activities, and continually improving clinical outcomes.


Our management team is experienced and dedicated to supporting our clinicians and our customers.


Our bottom up Trinity Rehab approach puts the needs of the people we serve first.


We are involved. We lead. We stay abreast of current and upcoming changes. We continually monitor and refine our services and programs.


We utilize smart technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the services we provide, communications we share, and the strategic decisions we make

Continuous Development

We provide the best care possible, both in the clinical setting AND in related tasks to support the clinical care. We do this by listening, observing, and refining our services as we share and grow together.

personal Attention

We put the needs of the people we serve first. We build relationships based on respect and trust. At Trinity Rehab Services we believe that your success is our success.


Our development process is central to the ongoing improvements of our evidence-based and outcome-focused programs and services. Our outcomes are monitored, reported, and adapted as indicated. We are dedicated to providing our best.

Regulatory Knowledge

We integrate up-to-date regulatory support and reimbursement guidelines throughout our business and the services we provide.


Together we uniquely support each other so that we can all be our best and provide our best.


I’ve never seen such leadership and training throughout our facility as I have as I have with Trinity Rehab.
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You’re not getting a contract rehab company, you’re gaining a partnership.
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Trinity Rehab has taken our building to the next level and added the competitive edge needed to become a leader in Post-Acute Care.
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