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We listen. We respond. We adapt.

Our evidence-based outcome-focused clinical care programs adapt to meet the unique needs of our customers, communities, and the people we serve.

They are intended to provide a professional basis for care and be flexible enough for thrapist innovation as dictated by the people we serve.

Our flexibility in our clinical care comes from our extensive educational support, program development process and clinical support systems.

We truly believe that immediate response and adaptation to client needs drives not only the success reflected in our clinical outcomes but in financial success as well.

Some of our programs include:
ADL Training
Adaptive Positioning
Balance and Falls Prevention
Cognitive Training
Communication Disorders
Continence Improvement
Contracture Management
Memory Care (Dementia)
Dysphagia & Swallowing
Gait Training
Low Vision
Pain Management
Rehab Dining
Restraint Reduction
Functional Mobility
Wound Management
Stroke Recovery

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