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Industry and Regulatory Updates

Current Updates

Countdown to PDPM

Patient Driven Payment Model begins on 10/1/2019.
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Countdown to PDGM

Patient Driven Groupings Model begins on 1/1/2020.
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Outpatient Services

Our support systems inform our practice in numerous ways.
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Managed Care

We adapt intelligently to current and upcoming changes.
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Efficient and Effective Systems

At Trinity Rehab Services, staying abreast of industry and regulatory updates is important. Communicating these updates to employees and business partners allows us to adapt quickly in our practice and reimbursement processes.

We have training modules related to documentation, ICD-10, CPT coding, and reimbursement guidelines. These modules adapt easily for seamless communication and continuous quality care for the people we serve.

Our utilization of the Casamba SMART software routinely monitors and proactively alerts us to any issues related to documentation, licensure, or unique practice act guidelines. This allows our clinicians the ability for immediate resolution.

At Trinity Rehab Services we believe that our proactive denials and prevention processes depend on maintaining a close relationship with and response to industry and regulatory updates. We also believe our fiscal responsibility to our customers, employees, and residents means we need to be aware of these current and upcoming regulatory changes.

Working together with our customers, we do our best to create efficient and effective systems so that we can provide our best.

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